Co-curricular activities are the true and practical experiences received by students. To a greater extent, the theoretical knowledge gets strengthened when a relevant co-curricular activity is organized related to the content taught in the classroom. Intellectual aspects of personality are solely accomplished by Classroom, while aesthetic development, character building, spiritual growth, physical growth, moral values, creativity, etc. 
There are many reasons to go to boarding school. The academics, the athletics and the extracurricular activities are just a few considerations. 
Here are the top reasons why you should go to boarding school :
1. It's cool to be smart.
2. The classes are small.
3. You will learn to be responsible for yourself.
4. The libraries/media centers are well-stocked.
5. You will be surrounded by classmates who want to go to college.
6. You will be stretched by the amount of academic work you have to do.
7. You will get to live away from home.
8. You will have great arts programs and arts facilities.
9. You will have great sports and sports facilities.
10. You will get great teachers who love to teach.