Aditi Global Academy - Aditi Global Academy, Athwas, Rajasthan

Aditi Global Academy,
Athwas, Rajasthan

Each child has endless potential. Our dream is to make quality education affordable and in reach to all.

Safe And Secure

School administration and teachers are primarily focused to give safe and secure residential life.

Quality Education

We intend to bring the knowledge out of the classrooms and make students think out-of-the-box.

Personality Development

Educators of our school realize the worth of developing students’ personality greatly.

Admission Open for 2021-2022

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About the School

Aditi Global Academy is an entirely residential school, affiliated with the Central Board Of Secondary Education (Affiliation No-1730913). This is a unit of the Marudhara Group Of Education, Laxmangarh, Sikar. The school is located in a very peaceful and pollution-free area of Athwas, Fatehpur Shekhawati.

The campus is sprawled over 100 bighas with hundreds of trees. Wide, spacious, and green premises makes students to intimate with nature and the environment.

It is a students’ individuality-oriented school. We commit to explore and dig out the inherent potential and talent of students in academics, sports, and other activities.

The school has the vision to provide students with a purpose and a career-oriented study system. Special focus and conceptual study of mathematics, science, English, General knowledge, and IT prepare students soundly for the competitive world of present-day from the very beginning.

School manages to organize various Co-curricular events which help them to groom their personality. “Learning by doing activities” makes students learn things and get concrete knowledge. Regular visits to the science lab, computer lab, language lab, and a library make students’ range of thinking and creativity expanded.

Yoga, meditation, and physical exercises are the inescapable part of the day in our boarding school. It makes students healthy, focused, and determined to achieve their goals. A good schedule and proper mentoring by experienced teachers help the young minds inculcating healthy habits and avoiding ill habits. By inspirational stories, skits, and dramas we give our pupils moral education to turn them into mannered n children, Obedient students, and responsible citizens of the country.

To conclude we assure quality education and a healthy environment for students. School serves assistance and special support to students if required.

Why Choose Us?

Career Oriented Education

We have designed our pattern of educating our pupils in the way which makes them developing skills of various kinds. Profound conceptual study in the foundational years of schooling helps them to create better career alternatives

Pollution Free Green Campus

School is nestled in a pollution free location, far from the interrupting elements of crowded city. Open wide campus of 100 acres, beautiful biological garden , tall and shady trees make the school yard a heavenly ambience.

Cultured Residential life

We aim to serve true education as a blend of moral virtues and academic achievements. We transfer the rich legacy of culture to our pupils by spiritual prayers, festival celebrations and exchanging cultures.

Preparation for Competitive Battles

Educators have a great responsibility to prepare the students for competitive exams today. We coach our young intellectuals accordingly so that they may strengthen their basic parameters for upcoming exams in future.

Admission Open For 2021-2022